Unless it's been done before, you'll never know how an exhaust modification turns out before you try it. ... Which will provide better exhaust sound--resonator or muffler delete? ... How can I make my exhaust louder even after a muffler delete?13 answers 14 votes:Lets start with a disclaimer. I love modifying exhaust systems. That said, the people who .... Mar 21, 2019 3) Stock mufflers, all stock resonators deleted, Magnaflow resonated ... I have a bunch of before and after sound clips from outside the car in the.... Oct 3, 2015 I was like sure why not since the muffler on the Stillen is so small. ... responsive out the gate, but I am not getting as good of gas mileage as before ( I didn't reset the ECU, should I, or will it re-calibrate on it's own after a while).. Apr 1, 2009 ... that's included in the TN kit (2.5" DP). After the midpipe will be whatever muffler/resonator I choose and a turndown right before the rear axle.9 posts I'm turbocharging a 2003 Nissan Sentra. What is a good recommendation for a 3" exh to be used on .... ... (exiting the bumper). Now I have an ATR muffler I "plan" to use if it'll fit cause I already... ... If I unhook the exhaust before the resonators, it sounds like a tractor. ... Right now, my cat is gutted and I cut the exhaust off after the 1st resonator.. ... not brutal on the ears, along with the muffler, which quiets the whole thing down. Removing the exhaust resonators will just make the car sound worse and louder. Removing intake resonators can result in incorrect MAF readings at the very worst, and more noise at the very best. ... I got off all I could after taking this photo.. Aug 31, 2010 What's the purpose of the resonator before the muffler? ... My resonator and the tailpipe after the muffler rusted through so I had them cut off.. I've driven straight piped cars before. None of them drone as terribly as my Z4M w/ muffler delete, replaced with resonators. I have heard that the RPI exhaust (I.... Jan 23, 2008 Is that little "box" that looks like a small muffler the resonator?? It is set back about 12" from the end of the tail pipe. If I cut that off, will the car sound.... Muffler deletes are a favourite of boy racers who want to be heard way before they are seen but even after some time they get fed up and want to revert to a more... 538a28228e

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